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Whether you're a Literature student approaching the book as object or a library worker who needs to master the rules of the catalog(ue), we're here to build your knowledge, skills and confidence.

"Is This Rule Necessary?" - Seymour Lubetzky (1953), p. 1.

Seymour Lubetzky, Cataloging Rules and Principles: A Critique of the A.L.A. Rules for Entry and a Proposed Design for their Revision, Washington: Library of Congress, 1953.
Anne Welsh speaking about 'Classification as World-View' in London in 2018.

Who Are We?

Beginning Cataloguing was founded by Anne Welsh, the author of Practical Cataloguing, a core text in iSchools internationally. With over 25 years' experience cataloguing, teaching, writing and thinking about Cataloguing and Bibliography, she offers consultancy and training to individuals and organizations.

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